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At SmartRPA, we consider ourselves the most senior and experienced experts in the field of automation.

Our unique history and proven track record of decades of dedication in delivering innovative and cutting-edge solutions to commence, streamline and scale RPA and intelligent automation projects effectively, makes us the grandfather of RPA – a pedigree we honor, cherish and are very serious about maintaining.

From founder and executives to consultants and developers, the team at SmartRPA started their journey with automation technology back in the 1990’s, before RPA was even a concept or had been productized.

We developed and marketed a world-renowned data and process integration platform with hundreds of implementations worldwide and automating literally hundreds of thousands of processes. By 2013 the company and platform were acquired by a larger conglomerate to immediately enhance their newly launch automation offerings.

We however were not done.

The realization was that our accomplishments in achieving successful projects was not a reality for the vast majority of other RPA projects in the market. Delays, slow turnarounds, adaptation lags, skyrocketing maintenance costs, expanding COEs, heavy customized solution patches, functionality gaps, error-prone environments, tedious and repetitive fixes, uncontrolled license expansions – all these were becoming standard issues for many enterprises, which consequently resulted in stagnant projects and heavy RPA cost.

Acknowledging the gravity and extent of this, we decided to do something about it.

SmartRPA was established in 2015 with a vision to transform RPA scenarios into lean, dynamic and stable frameworks, that leaves behind a status quo of broken promises and instead reaches the point where full potential of technology and people are unlocked and unleashed.

To accomplish this, we adopt the (SMART) guiding principles of all our successful RPA and automation projects and consider these as cornerstones for any RPA environment to be able to achieve stability and scalability, the prerequisites for increasing ROI and diminishing TCO.

SMART RPA is the combination of these cornerstones:



Simple – Minimal – Agile – Robust – Transparent

  • SIMPLE – Streamline & Optimize Processes with Granular Approach
  • MINIMAL – Development, Operations, Maintenance Time and Cost & Licenses, Dependencies, Resources
  • AGILE – Handle changes in Business Processes, SLA, Systems, Security & incorporate Business Units in RPA
  • ROBUST – Trust the Process with Automating the Automations
  • TRANSPARENT – Real time Insight for better Governance & Compliance, moving to Predictive RPA

To expedite the deliverance of the SMART cornerstones, SmartRPA has developed its own software platform that runs both autonomously and agnostically with existing RPA platforms. SmartRPA Catalyst is the embodiment of over 20 years of experience and best of breed methodology and technology, that encapsulated cornerstones for SMART RPA success. It is a keystone to bypass all too common problems and provide the necessary instruments to speedily and easily move towards perfect RPA and Intelligent Automation environments

Today we are a trusted partner in dozens of the largest and most successful Enterprise automation deployments in the Nordics, with customers across all industries with a heavy footprint in Banking, Insurance, Logistics, Public, Retail and Manufacturing. The SmartRPA deployments are full platform deployments where the customer automates all suitable business cases – from “onboarding customers” to “account payable”.

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